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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  October 10, 2014 9:21am-9:53am PDT

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the times you were whipping us?" "touché, toby." (laughter) "touché. now, if you guys wouldn't mind clearing out "your stuff, the mexicans should be here any minute to replace you." all right, thanks, you guys, very much. it was fantastic. good night. (cheering and applause) captioning sponsored by triage entertainment group captioned by media access group at wgbh >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the "the "daily show"" with jon stewart. ( cheers and applause ). captioning sponsored by comedy central
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>> jon: welcome to the "daily show." my name is jon stewart. our guest tonight-- it's a good one-- jeremy renner. jeremy renner is going to be here for the new film "kill the messenger." man, is it a good story. first, remember the big financial crise, 2008? ( laughter ) if you remember tyou weren't there, man. ( laughter ) that was woodstock. anyway, it tanked the economy. well, when was the last time you got good and angry about it? want to? ( laughter ) all right. you asked for it. remember how we gift wrapped $184 billion to insurance giant a.i.g. to purchase that company's terrible mortgage bets so that their incompetence wouldn't become a global extinction event? ( laughter ). we just got the thank you not. >> former american international group hank greenberg is suing the architects of the government's response to the
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financial panic of 2008? >> he claims the bailout violated shareholder rights. >> jon: really! ( laughter ) so just to set the table for you here, the largest shareholder of a.i.g.-- wasn't running it at the time was just the largest shareholder-- a couple that was hours away from bankruptcy is sighing the entity that through sheer force of $184 billion saved it-- or-- let me put it another way. yeah, you gave me c.p.r., but would it kill you to take a breath mint? ( laughter ) what if any is the legal basis for hank greenberg's claim. >> dwree and his investment firm star international charging the government violated a.i.g.'s fifth amendment rights by charging it high interest rates on loans and by not compensating them properly for taking what became a 92% stake in the
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company. >> you can't just take property without paying for it. >> jon: you can't! ( laughter ) i think $184 billion is paying for it! look, all right, so he believes $184 billion was not worth 92% of the company. it was unfairly low. look, i don't want to be a dick-- he may be right. let's check the-- let's check the blue book value for a toxic asset-filled insurance company from 2008 on the day of the bailout. and if we put one over on you, mr. greenberg, if we treated you unfairly that's our bad and i'll be the first to apologize and write you a check for however many billions more you have been unfairly deprived of. so we're going to do the math. we gave $184.6 billion in exchange for 92% of a.i.g. so that means we are valuing the
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company around $200 billion. i'm saying to myself how much more than $200 billion was this company worth when the bailout began because that's how much we're going to owe this guy. here we go. what was it worth? $15.4 billion. all right. hmm. hmm. ( laughter ) so where we should have paid you 92% of $15.4 billion, we paid you $184 billion for more than 1,000% of your company's market value. so i can see where your anger comes from. ( laughter ) explain to me again why you're in court? >> today a lawyer for a.i.g.'s former chief said the terms of the bailout were extortion. ( laughter )
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>> jon: as a general rule, your better extortionists, your better kidnappers extract money from their victim. ( laughter ) rather than contribute. you know, you never hear this-- hey, listen, if you ever want to see your precious little doggy again, you're going to take the $184 billion and once you get the money, we will also give you your dog back. no cops! ( laughter ) we always have to tell them not to have the cops come. if anything, the financial system extorted the taxpayers by screwing up so royally the world would be on the brink of financial apocalypse without the bailout. we were the ones without a choice. but you prefer to appellant yourself as a valiant crusader against government tyranny. >> what's the capitalist system
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like? what do we believe in? we believe in government has the right to take what they want and you just shut up and eat your rice? ( laughter ) >> jon: i don't eat rice! i like truffle risotto. i like a nice risotto! look, hank greenberg, just because you're a grumpy old man, let's not pretend this is up. where you're some-- ( laughter ) where you're some sad old widower being forced into a nursing home so they can take away your beloved balloon-filled house and turn it into a skyscraper. we all know what cartoon character you are. ( laughter ) ( applause ) ( cheers ) listen, you got any other complaints or can i just dismiss this case right now? >> he is arguing that a.i.g. got much harsher terms, about 14%
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interest rate on their loan. that was very different from banks like citigroup or morgan stanley. >> they were getting more generous terms. that in and of itself proves the government went too far with a.i.g. at least that's the argument hank greenberg and his lawyers are make glg so you. >> jon: so your argument in court, your legal argument is waaaah! ( laughter ) it's not fair! following the precedent set by the famous supreme court case i only got one cookie. my sister got two cookies. come on! ( laughter ) back up! look, first of all, they shouldn't have gotten two cookiies in the first place, but that doesn't mean your one cookie is nothing. your loan terms were worse than the bank's because you were insolvent. you should know how that works. >> you're an insurance company.
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( laughter ) putting the screws to people in their lowest moments is what you do. so the essence of greenberg's argument appears to be the banks got special treatment that a.i.g. did not get, to which i say welcome to the ( bleep ) world, buddy. because that's what we've been mad about forever! ( cheers and applause ) really? you're angry that they wouldn't lend to you at less than 14%. yeah. we hate it, too, only we call it having a credit card. we don't sue over those rates because we can't. ( laughter ) and you know what? you did still get special treatment. $184 billion for 92% a ( bleep ) company is special treatment. it just wasn't as special as you wanted it to be. the only reason you're suing the government is because they gave you a seat in first class but not the elite platinum normal
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people don't even know about this part of the plane, but it's awesome, because we have a jacuzzi up here section. i'll show you how-- how the rest of the world would have been treated in a.i.g.'s shoes. it's in a little one-man show i've been working on entitled "a normal person asks for a loan." ( laughter ) i take you now to any town, u.s.a. the local loan officer-- ( cheers and applause ) plirchg. i didn't think that was going to work. rehearsal didn't work. i come back out here, it works.
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all right. ( laughter ) oh, hello, mr. greenberg. or prescription. okay. ( laughter ) you've asked us for $184.6 billion for 90% of your company which is only worth $15 billion. hold on. ( laughter ) ah! ah! go ( bleep ) yourself. ( cheers and applause ) we'll be right back.
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want to keep succeeding in elections, they have got to expand their base beyond that guy. all right. yesterday we talked about their outreach to women. now we're courting another group, people who don't hate gay people. >> same-sex marriage has become an issue of pride for republicans. >> they are no longer running on opposition to same-sex marriage because it's a political loser. >> speaker boehner is trying to broaden the tent. >> the chair of the r.n.c. says same-sex marriage is not a top-tier issue. >> jon: it turns out the species votorus homophobus, whose habitat ranged across this great nation is nearing expingz. so all friends are friends of dorothy now. >> i unbelievable old-fashioned traditional marriage. >> jon: here we go. >> but i don't really think the government needs to be too involved with this. and i think the republican party can have people on both sides of the issue. >> you could rethink it at some
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point, too. ( laughter ) >> jon: i guess the old saying is true-- if you can't beat them-- ( laughter ) for more we're joined by senior pandering correspondent al madrigal. al, shi s shu so much for joini. it is incredible what's going on. first of all, nice to see you. you look wonderful. >> thank you. >> jon: it's incredible. what do you think of the g.o.p. softening their attitude towards gay people? >> ah, it's great, fine. i mean, very happy for them. i'm sure it's going to last. ( laughter ) >> jon: you sound-- actually, a little bitter. >> bitter? no! i mean i could play something for you from two years ago. >> we need to do more to figure out how to convey our message as conservatives to the hispanic population. >> if we don't enact immigration reform, the republican party cannot win a national election.
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>> if you're not going to be competitive with latinos, you're not going to be a successful party. ( speaking english ) that's about all i can do, sorry. >> see that? the g.o.p. was falling all over itself pretending to love latinos. they were all up in our culos. and you know how long that love fiesta lasted? six ( bleep ) months. >> the republican brand is so toxic amongst latinos. >> no latinos will vote for them. >> on immigration, republicans want to take that issue off the table. >> as soon as the g.o.p. figured out latinos don't exactly vote republican lockstep, they toss us out like a four-day-old chimichanga. >> jon: the g.o.p. threw latinos out like a four-day-old chimichanga and replaced you with-- >> fresh, piping hot gays. well, you know, what? the joke's on them because
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latinos are the original gays. ( laughter ) >> jon: what? >> yup, that's right. we invented gay, jon. think about it. those ruffled shirts. tight bathing suits. moheatos. the gayest drink there is. here, look at me at the puerto rican day parade. ( applause ) here i am at the gay pride pretty praed. you can tell the difference? i can't because they were both super fun. >> jon: you know, i-- i do grant you latino and gay cultures may have some superficial similarities. >> sure. >> jon: especially, obviously, in the parade department. but, you know, in the deeper-- ( laughter ) what are-- what are you doing? >> perhaps i can convince you by enjoying this traditional
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mexican snack of my forfathers. the churo. oooh! mmm! >> jon: cheweros are not-- food is not gay or straight. >> really, oh, yeah. churro is from the aztec word, which rurro contacta, which everyone knows means cinnamon dick. >> jon: you would like republicans to pay latinos more attention now. that's what this is about? >> oh, i mean even some simple indifference, jon. we'd be happy with one of those you know eh. like the guys got. at this point, we would love a shrug of grudging acceptness so we can go about our lives living, loving, and enjoying our traditional food of cinnamon dick. hey, republicans, i'm touching
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them together. aaah! aaah! >> jon: thank you. al madrigal, everybody. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ). will new twizzlers mixed berry bites ever end their rivalry with new jolly rancher filled gummy bites? not today. bites. little greatness.
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( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome back! my guest's latest film is called "kill the messenger." >> we know you were in nick wawg ra. we know you saw menassas. >> am i being followed? >> some governmental informants
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are scumbags. >> i was under impression you guys had something to say to me, but to answer your question, no. my angle is the american government. >> miew drugs were put on the streets to fund an illegal war. >> what you want to say happened never happened. >> why am i here? >> american kids were going to die in it that war. >> american kids did die and are still dying, just not the ones you care about, apparently. >> jon: please welcome jeremy renner. ( cheers and applause ). i gotta tell you-- ( cheers and applause ) >> all right! hey, hey, hey! >> jon: eat it up! eat it up! >> this is awesome. this is nice. >> jon: this story a barn burner. >> this is. >> jon: these are the types of movies i love because it exposes a story that even now is not well known. >> right.
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>> jon: for americans. this is about a journalist named gary web. >> yeah, yeah. >i grew up, like,70 miles from s happened. he's writing about something that happened 10 years preer prior to when he wrote it. not to call it old news, but it's something that took a lot of digging to find. and i knew nothing about it, and i'm from odessa, california, and he wrote it in sacramento and san jose. i new exwoght about it and i had san jose as my local paper. i was younger. maybe i didn't care. but it just kind of went away. >> jon: exactly. so this guy uncovers this idea that the c.i.a. is involved in the nicaraguan civil war on the side of the contras, and allowing drug dealers access to selling drugs in the united states so that money can be funneled into their military. >> right congress wanted nothing to do with funding that war. >> jon: anymore. because they had already been doing that. >> yeah. >> jon: exactly.
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>> they went down that road. >> jon: web publishes this in a small newspaper in san jose, and then the world explodes on him. >> explodes in a good way at first. when the internet first came out, this is when it-- viral wasn't even really a word at that point. it really exploded, like a million hits a day were happening in 1995, mind you. so it really started taking off, and it created, not riots, but a lot of uproar in african american communities and throughout their country -- >> the idea for them, too, is the government is flooding our communities-- this is in the middle of this crack epidemic in the 80s-- flooding our communities with these drugs and killing our kids and not caring. >> right, right. but the spin on it was gaer gaer web wasn't saying that. the movie is about ultimately what he said and then what the media spun it to be, to discredit him, which ended up being his double play fall, which any journalist would have. if you're discredited, you're done. >> jon: that's the crazy part. you can imagine the government pushes back on it, and we still
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have that today. >> sure, sure. >> jon: the fact that the media pushed back on him is the part that's so insane. his own paper pushes back on him, writes an editorial discrediting him. >> i think ultimately, they bit off more than they could chew. just being a smaller paper, not used to deal with a lot of head wind that they got. so they sort of had to backtrack. >> jon: smash cut to the c.i.a. releases papers in '98 saying, well, he got some of it right. he didn't get the whole thing right. it was a little bit right. yeah, we put some drug drugs th. and then the house admits in congress. yeah, he actually got a lot of it right air, lot of it right. by this point, he's ruined. >> he's already ruined by that point, yeah, and a lot of things were happening at that time socially that were more interesting, like the monica lewinsky scandal was happening, and that's when the c.i.a. releases a report that he was right by the way but that gets
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buried. >> jon: that's where the phrase wagging the dick. >> smoke and mirrors, baby. >> jon: ultimately, is there any residual effect from this story or is it one of those that we continue to repeat that same-- that same error? >> what is the residual effect? the downstream of it is communities, you know, across america. but i think ultimately, what's relevant today and it still happens, doesn't it, the takeaway for me doing this movie and putting this thing together is really just the first amendment and how important it is, and we need more people like gary web that have the nuts to go out and dig and give ( bleep ). >> jon: it's an incredible story, and really well done by you guys. and very appreciate it. so nice job, man. >> thanks. >> jon: "kill the messenger," opens in select city tomorrow. and young jeremy renner is going to be in it. to be in it. ( cheers and applause )
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( cheers and applause ). >> jon: that's our show. here it is, your moment of zen. captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: tonight, a persecuted minority fights back. here here. we're unable to rhyme. enjoy that fact! then the sports world is rocked by scandal, or as it's sometimes called, football season. my guest tonight is former led zeppelin front man robert plant. ( cheers and applause ). i've


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